Comments About the Book and the Author

“I love this book! It is so helpful and informative, easy to use and fun to read. Great for everything from a quick note to a lengthy report or even a conversation.”

Donna Kroeger

“Just want to let you know that your book saved my bacon for a final paper I had! I had a difficult time understanding what she wanted, and was pulling out my hair. 2 days before the assignment was due (worth 30%!), I pulled out your book, desperate for a starting point. I followed your book, and, voila, created a starting point, title, thesis, and stuck to a writing style.

Next semester, I will be referring to your book a little sooner, haha! I helped my son with an essay on Hamlet, using some of the techniques. He was impressed. I lent the book to an instructor and he hasn’t returned it yet!”

C. Rhyason is studying Journalism, Mass Media, and History.

“Wow…..this book is just the BEST. Love it and wish I had it at the beginning of the year…..before essays were due!! Am taking it in to the college with a recommendation that they consider it for the fall semester. Students would love it.”

M. Jerke is a faculty member in the Adult Learning Program.

“WORDS uses a clear declarative prose style with a compelling set of organizing principles that will benefit not only the beginner writer by also supplement the efforts (and blocks!) of experienced writers. In Hanen’s inimitable style he focuses on our writing problems, not on the generalized facts of how to write. He takes us from the beginning idea, coaching us through every step of the development of non-fiction writing….”

Grady Harp is an author, panelist, lecturer, reviewer, and art gallery owner.

“In ‘Words’, Mark Hanen has created a very useful, witty and compulsively readable guide to writing compelling non-fiction prose. It works on two levels. Like ‘The Elements of Style’, the Strunk and White classic it in many ways resembles, ‘Words’ uses a clear declarative prose style with a compelling set of organizing principles that will benefit both beginning and experienced writers. ‘Words’ uses similar pithy commands for creating well-chiseled prose.”

John Royer is an Educational Technology Facilitator.

“No instructor has changed the course of my life more than Mark Hanen. His teaching style was a gift. . . . Words is chock-a-block full of many of the same crystal clear tips he taught in his classroom, and they are written in the same engaging style as when he presented them to his students. If readers take away even a smidgeon of his advice, they will be well on their way to becoming a better writer.”

Donna Kane’s reviews, essays, poetry, and short fiction have been published widely as well as been aired on CBC and Garrison Keillor’s Writer’s Almanac. She is the award-winning author of two collections of poetry, and her writing appears in several anthologies.

“When I get positive comments from crown counsel or colleagues about my report writing I recall that many of the writing skills I possess are a direct result of the class I took with Mark. He was a teacher who truly enriched my education. He taught me to organize my thoughts and clearly articulate them in my writing.”

Beth Parslow is a Sex Crimes Investigator & Supervisor with the RCMP.

“With wisdom, clarity, and humour, Mark Hanen offers a common sense guide about how to write. . . . Mark’s approach is fresh and insightful. Student writers and even more experienced professional writers will benefit from having Mark Hanen’s Words at their fingertips..”

Dr. Steve Roe is the Dean of Academic and Vocational Programs at Northern Lights College. He is the co-editor of the composition textbook Designs for Disciplines.

“Highly recommended. Mark Hanen has proven in Words that he is a great coach who has built a well-designed and well-signed path for anyone who desires to become a truly-effective and, indeed, creative non-fiction writer. Entry-level writers, mid-level-authors and top-level wordsmiths can all benefit from the practical, straightforward coaching offered in Words.”

Reb Materi is Assistant to Diocesan Chancellor Fr. Paul Donlevy and a former editor.

“I found this book to be extremely helpful in guiding my thought process and approach to writing. I recommend this book to anyone looking to gain an edge on their writing skills!”

Beau Johnson is a Senior Information Technologist.

“Mark has a gift of clarity and organization. Words is now an additional reference book in our lending library at work for those who are in need of that helping hand with reports and proposals.”

Verness Jespersen is a senior administrative assistant.

“He sure has a way of engaging his reader, to the point where they forget they’re reading a how-to/text book. I am so excited to put what I’m learning to use.”

Faith Kruk is an operations manager.

“Mark has succeeded in producing a book about writing that is actually readable. Astonishing!
Not just readable, but highly readable and funny, too. I wish I had it before I started my book. Would recommend to anyone with an interest in writing.”

Merlin Nichols is a politician and author.

“I have had a chance to read through your book and I like it very much. There appears to be nothing (short of a $65 text) available in the trade market to help student write essays. I know from personal experience when I was tutoring a college student last fall.”

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